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August 2018 - Mary Jane was featured on Voices of America

Protecting the Elephants:

Africa 54 host Esther Githui Ewart is joined in studio with guest Mary Jane O'Loughlin, an Elephant Conservation Advocate. O’Loughlin reflects that her first African trip took her to Kenya’s Amboseli National Park where she fell in love with elephants. She refers to that first encounter an ‘emotional ambush’. For the last three years she has been raising funds to conserve one of Africa’s Big Five tourist attractions.

Happy 2019!!!!

We will continue to support the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya.  A portion of all book sales will be donated to the Trust.  For those of you who are new to us, this is the author's personal project that began in June 2013.  Drawing attention to the crisis our elephant population faces will continue to be a part of sharing our story.

Ruby and Baby book sales will continue to support our local, domestic animal welfare organizations. At the individual events we participate in, our vendor fees are used to help rescue animals, get the medical care needed, recover from abuse, and, our ultimate goal, find loving homes.


The Old Town Shop in historic Alexandria, Virginia (105 S. Union Street).
Ruby and Baby is proud to be part of the local author selection at theThe Old Town Shopin historic Alexandria! This unique store combines all good things from local artists, authors, artisans and much more!  Location: 105 S. Union Street!  You will find one of a kind gift items not available at other stores. Be sure to check out their calendar.  Local author events are held 2 Thursdays a month. (www.TheOldTownShop.com)

Ruby and Baby – Past, Present and Future…


It’s like the author of Ruby and Baby said: “Ten years ago a trip to Kenya changed my life. While I was thrilled to fulfill this lifelong dream, it never occurred to me that it would be the start of an entirely new chapter in my life - literally. I remember thinking on the plane ride over ‘if this is my Mount Everest experience - the one that has to last for the rest of my life – that’s okay by me!’ I would soon be reminded that God always has bigger plans for us than we can ever imagine. Those 11 days on safari would ignite a beautiful world of adventure, writing, two more trips to Kenya and Tanzania and new friends from all over the world.

Ruby and Baby … an Unlikely Friendship began as a fun notion that snuck up on me on a hot August afternoon. It was supposed to be a short story with one or two sketches. I planned to submit the story to a few magazines thinking it would be an entertaining read while waiting in the dentist’s office. As it turned out, that wasn’t the Divine plan.

What happened instead was a step by step unfolding of clues and arrows gently pointing me in the direction I was meant to go. It was a perfect alignment of the right people showing up at the right time.

Ruby and Baby’s conception to birth took 22 months which just happens to be the gestation period for elephants! I was unaware of that fact until a few weeks before publishing. How sweet is that?”


A sign in our office asks: “Is it still fun?” The answer is YES!!!! Over the moon YES!

We wondered if it would get old after a while… (Hey, some things do!). But, after 7 years the joy of sharing our story, our book and our love for animals has only grown. We have more events scheduled for 2018; be sure to check our webpage often! 


The future of Ruby and Baby is unfolding. We aren’t following a blueprint or a map; the story, the book’s success, everything, has evolved on its own.

What we can tell you is this: 

  1. There are two more Ruby and Baby books in the series. 
  2. The second book in the works. It is being organized and edited so the story will flow as beautifully as it did in the first book. 

Until we are ready to launch Book Two, we will continue to enthusiastically promote and sell our first book, sharing the story that started us on this great adventure. 

Thank you from our hearts for being part of our journey – so far! 

Stay tuned!!! 

With love and friendship, 

Ruby and Baby 

p.s. Below are a few highlights from the past 7 years.


Fun facts and successes


We have shared our story in over a dozen elementary schools (public and private) in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. The Fairfax County and City of Alexandria libraries carry copies of the book.

Ruby and Baby … an Unlikely Friendship was selected to be part of the City of Alexandria Public Schools Summer Reading Program in 2015.

We have sold or donated our book to help raise funds for the following animal welfare organizations: The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART), the Humane Society of Warren County and the SPCA of Anne Arundel County, MD.

Stores including The Olde Towne Shop have sold and or featured Ruby and Baby as well as numerous local retailers. It is available for purchase on our website: (www.rubyandbaby.com) and on Amazon.


We know for sure that copies of Ruby and Babyare living happily in other countries around the world including Canada, England, Scotland, France, Holland, Italy, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Japan and Australia!

Since 2013 we have been donating a portion of our book sales to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya (www.elephanttrust.org). So far over $6,200 has been donated (including funds raised at our birthday party / fundraisers in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

We do not know what direct donations have been made to the Amboseli Trust because of Ruby and Baby’s influence. We just thrilled to know that our story is making a positive difference for elephants and for our domestic animal friends.

We have also made donations from our book sales to Elephantopia, an organization that partners with Game Rangers International in Zambia to protect their elephants.

Safari lodges including: Tawi Lodge in Amboseli, Kenya; Elewana Sands River Hotel in the Masai Mara, Kenya; Neptune Lodge in Ngorongoro, Tanzania, Msambweni Beach House in Kenya house a copy for their guests to read. Micato Safaris has included our book in their pre-safari gift boxes for their guests. Flyga Twiga Safaris recommends Ruby and Baby to their safari guests. The Lorubai School and the Peaceful Children's Home in Kenya also carries copies of our book.

We are happy to say that Ruby and Baby is also in the loving hands of Dr. Jane Goodall (she sent us an e-mail telling us how much she enjoyed it!), Dr. Cynthia Moss, Founder of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, the late Dame Daphne Sheldrick of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the one and only Betty White. The White House acknowledged receipt of the book we sent to the Obamas and we gifted a copy to Ellen DeGeneres. (We hope the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received the copy we sent to Prince George and read it to him and Princess Charlotte each night.

On August 22,  2018 - Voice of America interviewed Author, Mary Jane O'Loughlin about elephant conservation.  The link to the interview is above.  

September 2015 - Our Book, Ruby and Baby, is featured on TheDoDo.com website. 

Baby is a shiny, black cat in Alexandria, Virginia. Ruby is a baby elephant in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Separated by thousands of miles, they're the best of friends. What could bring such an adorable pair together?

"Ruby and Baby ... an Unlikely Friendship," a children's book by Mary Jane O'Loughlin, tells the delightful tale of these two unusual friends who strike up a pen pal friendship. It turns out this incredibly cute duo can teach us a lot about love, friendship and the power of innocent wonder.

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